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1883 Maison Routin

Test your Senses met 1883 Maison Routin syrups. Met meer dan 100 natuurlijke smaken is 1883 Maison Routin uw ideale partner voor uw bereiding van een speciale koffie, hot chocolate, ice tea of cocktail. Verkrijgbaar via 1883-routin.nl of juicesolutions.eu voor de zakelijke klant.

Amor Perfecto

Amor Perfecto is on a mission to share their love for great coffee with the world, and aims at creating a coffee culture that allows for knowledge about coffee to be shared.


We make natural dairy products available for everyone.” This is the mission of Arla Foods in the Netherlands. From the perspective of this mission we see an important and strategic role for Foodservice. The Foodservice market is a perfect fit to introduce our products and brands to consumers. Try our products, and be amazed!


Asprotimaná is an association of nonprofit producers that has devoted its efforts to promoting high-quality coffees through the adoption of economic, social and environmental sustainable procedures.


ASPROUNION comprises 202 families that have been trained during the empowerment of the coffee value chain. Together they are dedicated to bringing the best coffee in the Department of Nariño directly to the consumer.

Axxent Masters


Whether you are curious about the art of Japanese green tea, green tea health benefits, or you simply want to relax and enjoy a delicious cup of high-quality green tea… Azumaya brings you a truly authentic Japanese green tea experience. Our tea experts personally select the finest Japanese green teas for our café and shop. By working directly with artisan tea growers, with great care for packing and shipping, we offer a unique and uncommonly fresh selection of green teas in Europe.

Babo Coffee

Situated in a small city, Arnhem, of the Netherlands, is Babo Coffee. Babo Coffee is a specialty coffee label that supplies to retail, hospitality and individuals. They have a workspace where workshops and barista courses are given, with an area set up as shop with barista tools and fresh coffee beans. Their coffee assortment consists of a standard espresso melange, and a single and filter which vary with the yearly seasons.

Bacchi Caffé

Bacchi biedt krachtige blends en uitgesproken single origin koffies. De kenmerkende smaken zijn afkomstig van een 100% Arabica boon, verkregen uit een eerlijke productie. Een goede kop koffie is het waard om even bij stil te staan vinden wij. Met bacchi geniet je bewust van de kleine momenten, waar je ook bent; thuis, op het werk en in de horeca. Kom bij ons langs op ACF17, proef onze heerlijke koffie en geniet van jouw #bacchimoment

Back to Black Coffee Roasters

Out of love for craftsmanship we started roasting our own coffee. Sourcing coffee with extraordinary characteristics is something we enjoy very much. It is amazing to make people happy with a high quality fresh cup of coffee.


Contemporary confectioners Barú produce signature marshmallows, some hand-crafted with fruit-inspired flavours and others generously enrobed in Belgian chocolate. Cute dreamy hippos are perfect for kids of all ages and their swirly chocolate drinks are simply divine.

Batavia Coffee

Bioodi Disposables

Blommers Coffee Roasters

Na een life-changing trip door Mexico en daar te hebben gewerkt op een bio-dynamische koffieplantage van hun familie, zijn Robert en Berend - oprichters Blommers Coffee Roasters - op slag verliefd geworden op de koffieboon. Met een branderij in een oude, niet meer zo verlaten, fabriekshal is het hun doel om kwaliteitskoffie naar een hoger level te brengen. Proef een insane lekkere kop specialty koffie, gebrand met passie voor de boon en eerlijke samenwerkingen.   

Bocca Coffee

Boot Koffie


Single origin coffee or espresso coffee, Brandmeester's Premium Roasted Coffee is premium coffee that is both slow-roasted and dry-roasted in small micro batches. All component coffees in Brandmeester's espresso are specialty coffees individually roasted to perfection before blending for more character and increased complexity and taste.

Brandstof Drinks

Brandstof Drinks develops and sells the best tasting cold-pressed fruit & veggie juices which are 100% free of added sugar, preservatives or any other nonsense. Brandstof is non-pasteurized because we want to keep the full level of vitamins and taste. But we do offer a three weeks shelf life by using HPP (High Pressure Processing) which is the most healthy conservation technique available today. We sell mainly to restaurants, bars, hotels, to-go shops, catering companies, retail and hopefully soon to your venture!

Bravilor Bonamat

Bravilor Bonamat is a family business founded over 65 years ago. We develop, manufacture and supply a wide range of beverage machines focussing on coffee specialities and hot water. In addition to the high quality Bravilor Bonamat branded machines –which we produce by ourselves in the Netherlands- we also develop and manufacture as an Original Equipment Manufacturer for third parties.



As Europe’s leading water technology company, we invest heavily in research and development to optimise drinking water for a range of applications, using solutions that are functionally and technically perfect. We have the perfect technology to help you achieve your aim of delivering top quality water at ’point of use’. 

Café Couture

Our mission is to bring our own premium quality blends to the most selective of consumer. We do this by building a European & worldwide network to include thoughtfully selected  partners, including restaurants, beach bars, stylish clubs, fashion retailers, clinics, stylists and a handpicked selection of shops. All of the very highest calibre, who believe, as we do, in premium quality.


We Totally understand, it’s going to be Coffee first, but can we just say: Cannoli second? Thank you for reading this, and best wishes. We’ve got the best Cannoli in the Netherlands. They’re great, it’s true.



CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries) is part of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (RVO). CBI contributes to sustainable economic development in developing countries through the expansion of exports from these countries, focusing primarily on European markets.


The Chalo Company is a Belgian startup launching Funky Feel Good Food under our brand Chalo! First Chalo's launched a variety of Chai Latte's, a delicious and world famous hot Indian drink. We serve you the real authentic recipe and the story of it's discoverers. We bring you 4 funky flavours, authentic Masala, pure Cardamom, Lemongrass and Vanilla. We produce our authentic chai premix in India and serve you a complete lactose free spicy chai! Your customers and baristas will both love it!


Organic soft drinks from Fairtrade ingredients. Slightly sparkling and made from pure juices. Every bottle sold supports social projects. Drinking Helps.

Chikko Not Coffee

www.not-coffee.comChikko Not Coffee is a coffee alternative made from roasted organic chicory roots. This drink has a flavor similar to normal coffee but it is naturally caffeine free.


Chove stands for chocolate love. These are handmade chocolates and petit fours based on Greek recipes, called glyka. Every moment deserves to be special. With our motto, ‘open & share’ we want you to share moments with persons you care for. May it be a gift to your family, a friend, an acquaintance or even your business relations.

Cooperativa de Café de Antioquia

This cooperation is dedicated to promoting coffee from the East and North of Antioquia. Far more than just an agricultural product, to them it’s part of a lifestyle and a driver of development.

Cooperativa de Caficultores del Occidente de Antioquia

Since 1987 COOPOCCIDENTE has been committed to the welll-being of their associates, their families and coffee growers in the western part of Antioquia. Their affectionate approach delivers an extraordinary cup of coffee.



Dapeppa houdt van mensen, bakken en eten. In welke kleur, vorm of smaak dan ook! Iedereen is uniek, net zoals onze producten. Deze producten bedenken we zelf en worden uitsluitend door vrolijke mensen gemaakt. Wij willen het merk zijn waar je terecht kunt voor wat extra hulp bij de speciale momenten waar jij indruk wil maken op jezelf of je familie en vrienden! Zodat je samen kunt genieten van onze lekkere en kwalitatieve producten!

De Koffieschool

De Koffieschool is an independent Coffee Training Centre. We are a member of the SCAE and provide approved and universally recognised courses according to their diploma system. One of the major factors in becoming a barista or coffee professional is knowledge. Not just about coffee, but  understanding about the machine, the milk and so forth. 
If you want to understand the 'real' art of Coffee making, then The Coffee School is the finest place to learn it.

Don’t Skip Coffee

Drink Me Chai

Dudok Patisserie

Dudok Patisserie is elke dag verse appeltaart! In Rotterdam begonnen maar inmiddels uitgebreid en bekend tot ver daarbuiten. En sinds kort ook een winkel op de Zuidas in Amsterdam! Wij bakken verschillende taarten, muffins, bars, cupcakes maar ook hartige quiches. Maak kennis en proef de bites of ga voor een punt taart. Horecaklant, lekkerbek of iets te vieren?  www.dudokpatisserie.nl

El Sauco

Esther Massdam

Food Kitchen

Giesen Coffee Roasters


Grizzl ; We are proud to claim that of every snack we serve, two choices are offered: a meat and a veggie variant. Like our meat & veggie burgers. Add Grizzl 's fresh fries and you have a perfect snack combination. Pure and honest ingredients with flavour! Besides our food truck we have two shops in Amsterdam. Look at www.grizzl.nl for more information. See you soon!


Hello Fresh


For a professional customer  is Hoppe the right address for an impressive range of innovating baked products and biscuits.


Calida Frigus, a Belgian company, is the exclusive European distributor of the HyperChiller, a small device that turns hot coffee into iced coffee in just one minute. The hyperchiller can also be used to chill tea, wine, juices and spirits without dilution.   Already a hype in the US, the hyperchiller is now for sale in Europe via www.hyperchiller.eu

I Just Love Breakfast

IJLB granola is made by hand in small batches with lots of care. We select our wholesome organic ingredients carefully to guarantee the great bite and taste. You won’t be looking for that symbolic one pecan in the bag, since this granola contains more nuts and seeds than oats. IJLB was founded from the heart and made by people for people.

International Tea & Coffee Academy

Wie zijn wij?
International Tea & Coffee Academy geeft al een kleine 10 jaar trainingen en advies op het gebied van koffie en thee. We zijn gek op koffie en thee en daarnaast is het trainen van mensen en het overbrengen van kennis over de mooie producten koffie en thee onze grote passie. Met ITC Experience verzorgen we op vele plaatsen proeverijen en koffie en thee op locatie.We zijn actief door heel Nederland en regelmatig ook in België en Duitsland.

Jeeves & Jericho

Jet Drinks

Jones Brothers Coffee

Jones Brothers Coffee is an independent artisan coffee company from Amsterdam, bringing you high quality Premium and Specialty Grade Espresso Blends and Single Origins from sources we know and love.


Het verhaal van Just Nuts begint met Erik. In 2011 werkte hij voor een groot Nederlands bedrijf en rond vier uur had hij vaak trek. Behoefte aan goede energie om door te kunnen gaan. Maar de enige tussendoortjes die hij kon vinden zaten volgepropt met suiker of onnatuurlijke onzin. Samen met zijn goede vriend Thijs besloot hij daarom zelf gezonde tussendoortjes te gaan maken. Hun familie en vrienden denken dat ze gek geworden zijn, justnuts.​​​​ Gevestigd op de Maziestraat in Den Haag maken ze nu heerlijke notenrepen en notenmixen die 100% biologisch, 0% onzin en glutenvrij zijn.

Kaldi Koffie & Thee

Need for coffee or tea with a story? Kaldi is a franchise business from the Netherlands, and even in China,
with a unique formula. Kaldi is a coffee- and teashop, but offers also a tasting room in all its stores.
We like you to experience the story about our high quality coffee and tea, to smell, taste and feel it.
Our story never ends. No, our story becomes even more special.


Karacho is Germanys first ready-to-drink cold brew producer. We source highest quality organic coffees, brew the slowly for 14 hours and mix them with delicious coconut water or milk.

Karma Karma

•    Oat mixes in individual cups with quality nuts, dried berries, quinoa and sweet spices
•    Amaaaazing taste
•    Baristas love serving Karma Karma with steamed milk
•    Customers also like buying Karma Karma for later use
•    Healthy option: no added sugar, lactose free and no additives

Keen Coffee

Keen Coffee is een samenwerking van barista’s Bonne Postma & Rob Kerkhoff, en branders Tosca & Jan Schuitemaker. Onze koffie komt voort uit jaren van experimenteren en leren, vallen en opstaan. Altijd met als ultiem doel om dat perfecte kopje koffie te maken. Sluit je aan bij onze zoektocht naar de perfecte kop!



Het Keramiekkantoor by Karen Knispel designs and manufactures ceramic projects. The products are developped in a craft production process, starting with a bright design and intended for everyday use. Each piece is unique, but essential in the whole. The parts reinforce eachother, which leads to a strong visual language. That gives the projects of Het Keramiekkantoor its recognizable fingerprint.


Established in 1972 in Shiga, Japan, KINTO develops original and customized coffeeware, teaware, tableware, and interior accessories. We value the balance between usability and aesthetics to create products that stand by you in your everyday life. Our coffeeware collection “SLOW COFFEE STYLE” is well received by professional baristas and coffee lovers around the world.

Koffiebranderij Peeze


La Cabra

La Divisa

La Divisa grows and toasts superior quality beans in an environmentally responsible manner. Situated in Fresno - Tolima, they generate value  to their community through training programs that deliver skilled members to their team.

La Morelia

Café La Morelia builds upon a fifty year old family tradition of cultivating coffee  in the green and fertile fields of of the Department of Quindío, and is greatly committed to sustainability.

Lemon Poppy

Lemon Poppy founded in 2015 in Amsterdam, offers the best tea, straight from the source, pure, fairly traded and with a original taste. The 1st product in the range is Çaj Mali which translates as Mountain Tea. A full body, flower and leaf tea from the mountains of Albania. Hand picked, organic, caffeine free, rich in iron and antioxidants. Çaj Mali/Mountain Tea is a wild growing herbal tea, of which the healthy qualities and fresh taste are determined by the rich mountain soil. No machine production, no processing, no additives and no tea bags are used. Wrapped in eco friendly recyclable package, this tea comes in its most pure form as found in nature.


Organic soft drinks from Fairtrade ingredients. Slightly sparkling and made from pure juices. Every bottle sold supports social projects. Drinking Helps.

Liqui Design

Lot Sixty One

We are quality focused coffee roasters showcasing the best coffees possible. We work closely with coffee growers to get the quality beans which reflect the quality in the cup. 


Lotus Speculoos is een heerlijk knapperig en gekaramelliseerd koekje, zonder toegevoegde kleur- en smaakstoffen, is vrij van transvetten, 100% veganistisch, bevat slechts 30 calorieën en bestaat al sinds 1932. Het koekje is de perfecte match met koffie. Het is zelfs wetenschappelijk bewezen dat de combinatie van koffie met Lotus Speculoos elkaars smaak profiel versterken.


Lovechock is an out of the ordinary chocolate, because we are raw, organic and vegan. By using unroasted cacao beans, Lovechock preserves more of the natural goodness of cacao.

Maarten Baptist

Designer Maarten Baptist has an affinity with table top items and interior products. Baptist designed the interior of TIME out magazine bar in Moscow.

Macao Movement

Macao brings you the newest solution for a high quality, easy to serve drinking chocolate. Always single origin and direct trade. Share the story of good chocolate and join the movement!

Madame Cocos

Madame Cocos makes the best Coconut Pastry ever! With it you can easily make fresh baked cocosballs to serve with coffee/tea or sell separatly. In 6 different tasty flavours!

Minor Figures

Award winning organic cold brew coffee from London.

Munduk Coffee

Europe's newest Bali Coffee Specialists are revitalizing high quality coffee farming in Bali’s central hills region. Our exceptional coffee's are organic, sustainably farmed, HONEST AND FAIR, empowering farmers and community.


Oatly is a Swedish company and the original maker of nutritious and sustainable liquid oat drinks that provide a plant-based alternative to traditional cow’s milk. Our barista edition oat drink has quickly become a preferred non-milk choice of Nordic baristas due to it’s technical performance capabilities and amazing taste.



We at OrTea? consider ourselves as missionaries with the desire to bring, along with top professionals, our customers the best teas from around the world. By combining Chinese modern art with the millennial old tea tradition we want to make tea drinking an art expression and let a new generation of tea drinkers get acquainted with this venerable yet modern drink again.

Pasta Joe

Wij van Pasta Joe draaien onze eigen pasta op locatie! Omdat verse pasta een heel korte kooktijd heeft kunnen wij een of meerdere lekkere verse pastagerechten bereiden per minuut. Beleef hoe de pasta gedraaid wordt en proef de smaak van verse pasta!

Project Waterfall

Queens of Dairy

Coffee is king with milk from a queen. We proudly present our new brand Queens of Dairy. Fresh barista milk for perfect foam with maximum flavour. Coming to you soon.

Reyas International

Reyas International biedt in samenwerking met Mokaflor, exclusieve koffie. Koffiebonen vanuit de hele wereld, gebrand in Firenze en voor het eerst verkrijgbaar in Nederland. Unieke koffie gebrand op kwaliteit.

Royal Beez

Exclusive importer of Just Bee and NIX&KIX in the Netherlands.

Rude Health

At Rude Health we only use the kind of ingredients you’d have in your own kitchen – nothing artificial, nothing refined. We source our ingredients from fields, orchards and vines – not laboratories. We think food should be made out of food – not thickeners, preservatives, colourings, flavourings and other additives. When you’ve got food this good inside you, you’ll be up for anything.

Sampietro Speciality Coffee

Sampietro Specialty Coffee is a coffee roaster in the south of Holland, Located in Vught based on Fort Isabella kazerne, this is a micro roaster and Stefan Sampietro is the owner! Important is that i wanne know where my coffee comes from, Traceable!


Selo is an organic, naturally caffeinated refreshment made from coffee cherries. By providing a market for the coffee cherry, we are providing significant additional economic opportunity in the country of origin. It is our mission to make coffee production more sustainable and to provide our customers with healthy, functional products that not only taste, but also do good.

Simon Levelt

Geluk kun je proeven. Al bijna 200 jaar lang vinden wij ons geluk in het maken van de lekkerste koffie en thee. Met natuurlijke en eerlijke ingrediënten. Dat voelt beter en dat smaakt ook echt beter. Wij zoeken het avontuur in het gehele proces. Op zoek naar de juiste balans tussen hoeveelheid, graden en tijd. Ontdek ook de wereld die schuil gaat achter de lekkerste koffie en thee. Maak het een feest voor je zintuigen. Maak elke dag anders.

Single Estate Coffee Roasters

We source coffees directly from several coffee producing countries, working closely together with the farmers. In our roastery we handroast our coffees to find that ultimate flavour. We help professionals to raise their coffee quality, by training barista’s  and keep an eye on their performance.

Smit & Dorlas

SMIT&DORLAS, coffee has always been very special. Founded in 1822 in Amsterdam, we have  been roasting and blending coffee beans to perfection ever since.  We offer a range of blends, Single Estate Coffees and machines.

Special Roast

Special Roast is een private label koffiebranderij waar we op hoogwaardige en ambachtelijke wijze koffie branden. Van kwalitatieve melanges en blends tot single lot specialty koffie. Gespecialiseerd in het leveren van maatwerk, vertalen we jouw wensen door in een koffie die het beste past bij jouw doelgroep.

Stooker Coffee Co.

Raising the quality of coffee in The Netherlands since 2014 by roasting specialty coffees for quality-focused venues, providing top-notch service and educating barista's in our SCAE certified Stooker Coffee Academy.

Stooker Roasting Company

Stooker Roasting Company started in 2014 with one goal: raising the quality of coffee in The Netherlands by roasting specialty coffees for quality-focused venues. Since then, we've founded Stooker Coffee Academy alongside our roasting division. Here we offer SCAE Coffee Diploma modules and train barista’s who work with our coffees. At the ACF2016 we will show you where the future of coffee lies in The Netherlands.

Taf Coffee

Teahouse Exclusives

Tea Lovers opgelet! TE is na 130 jaar passie en traditie nu ook verkrijgbaar in Nederland. Deze exclusieve en biologische thee is verkrijgbaar als losse thee en luxe zijden buidels via juicesolutions.eu en teahouseexclusives.nl

The Coffee Quest

The Coffee Quest is a specialty coffee importer and distributor. We work in 3 continents and focus on cooperative trade, and direct relations with producers. Work with us, and experience excellent coffee, chain-wide personal relations and quality service.

The Coffeevine

Makers of Europe's most exciting monthly coffee box and leading platform for personally written café reviews.

The Highfive Company

We bring you US made Bold & Fine Flavor Craft Chocolate. Import–Wholesale-Webshop. Distribution throughout Europe to retailers and food service. Let's Raise the Bar!

Thee Van Oordt

Tia Maria

Trade Commission of Peru

The Trade Commission of Peru in the Netherlands belongs to the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Commerce and Tourism. Our office promotes Peruvian exports to the Netherlands in a variety of industries. We also provide support and advice to Peruvian companies wishing to penetrate the Dutch market. Additionally, we facilitate communication between Peruvian and Dutch companies wishing to do business. All our services are free of charge.


Übermilk is the innovative milk frother for baristas and restaurateurs who demand high standards of quality and operating efficiency. Create first class latte art milk foam for up to 200 drinks – by simply pressing one button.

Victoria Arduino


Vuurbrood is a new food concept. Simply put, it is grilled, stuffed bread.  But it’s different from anything you know. The specially designed cast iron pans grill the sandwiches to perfection. They also give our sandwiches their characteristic round shape with the big burned number on there back. Inside our Vuurbrood you’ll find a variety of delicious fillings. Curious? You will find our food truck at the entrance of the festival.


Bij de bereiding van koffie gaat het naast kwaliteit en snelheid tegenwoordig ook om beleving. Maar wat te doen als je geen barista bent maar wel topkwaliteit koffie en ook beleving wilt bieden? Dan biedt de WMF espresso uitkomst. De beleving van ambachtelijke bereiding van koffie, maar echt iedereen kan ermee uit de voeten. Kom je het uitproberen op onze stand?

YAYA Kombucha

YAYA Kombucha is Amsterdam's first organic kombucha brewery. Serving delicious raw and probiotic kombucha in different flavours. Come visit us for a taste of fresh kombucha from the tap.


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